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Spike’s poetic genius and the bedroom tax in Coventry

Great blog from SPeye as always!


Campaign Update

The Coventry Against the Bedroom Tax campaign is gathering pace rapidly. Over three consecutive days we held two excellent public meetings, followed by a lobby outside the board meeting of Whitefriars Housing.

28 people attended the meeting in Hillfields despite heavy rain, and over 40 people came in Stoke the next day. Former Labour MP and Socialist councillor Dave Nellist spoke at both meetings, and tenants were given appeal forms to submit to the council.

People also shared how the bedroom tax is affecting them. One tenant explained that he’d been hit by the bedroom tax on his “spare room” – despite the room being just 2.5m long and 1.3m wide! His landlord should stop him being affected by reclassifying the house as having one bedroom, not two. (For more details watch the YouTube video – “Coventry Against the Bedroom Tax – Bekir’s Story”)

Around 40 people came to the lobby of Whitefriars on Thursday to demand that they don’t evict tenants who are affected by the bedroom tax. There are 13 members of the board, of which 4 are tenants and 3 are Labour councillors – if they argued for a non-eviction policy they would have a majority! Labour claim to be against the bedroom tax, so they should support those who are affected.

Coventry council apologises to families told they could not appeal against the bedroom tax!

Coventry City Council has apologised for wrongly telling tenants they could not appeal against the bedroom tax after we challenged them!

Every tenant has the absolute right to appeal. How many vulnerable tenants have believed the council and not appealed? This is an outrage. In giving out this incorrect information – like other councils who have adopted this unlawful strategy of misinformation – many tenants will not have appealed, and may have missed the deadline for an ‘in-time’ appeal.

The only solution is for the council to extend the appeals deadline for all tenants.

Coventry Council tells tenants they can’t appeal against the bedroom tax!

Coventry Council have sent a letter to tenants incorrectly saying they can’t appeal against the bedroom tax!  This is incorrect and unlawful – the only solution is to extend the appeals deadline for all tenants.

If you’re putting in a late appeal, you need a reason to do so. Due to this letter you can write “Please accept my late appeal due to the council sending me a letter which incorrectly stated that I could not appeal this decision”.

Please share this!

(We were shown this letter by a tenant and have removed their details)


Coventry Against The Bedroom Tax – Bekir’s Story

Last night we held a meeting in Hillfields, we had many people from the community attend. One person stood up and told us how he will soon become homeless, please watch Mr Hussein’s story and share.

Coventry Against The Bedroom Tax

Short video on the bedroom tax. This video shows how people are being affected and how we are fighting it. Some of the images are from the protest that have been held within Coventry and the meetings that have taken place.

The bedroom tax lobby is on Thursday 16th at 3.30, make sure you come and freely voice your opinion about this unfair tax.